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Remote Connection Options

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SR LauncherClick to download the SRLauncher application
SR NotifyClick to download the SR Notify app.
ODBC Query ToolUsed to query ODBC connections
ODBC Query Tool (64-bit)Used to query ODBC connections on 64-bit systems
DB Snapshot ToolUsed to capture a snapshot of client databases.
Character CheckerUsed to check for invalid characters in XML documents.
HEX EditorUsed to open flat files for editing.
Convert2DateUsed to view dates in MSAccess databases.
SyncValidatorUsed to determine supported sync features.
ScheduleSyncExportViewerUsed to view schedule sync exports in a more readable format.
.NET 4.6.2 (Web Installer)Web installer for .NET Framework 4.6.2.
Advantage Data ArchitectTool to read Advantage databases. Should not be used on live data.
DBF File ViewerUsed to organize, view and search DBF files.
Auto Hot KeyUsed to automate manual export syncs.

ODBC Drivers

MySQL 3.5MySQL ODBC Driver (v. 3.5.1)
MySQL 5.1MySQL ODBC Driver (v. 5.1.10). If the download doesn't work, click here.
Microsft Visual Fox ProNotes
MSVFPMicrosoft Visual Fox Pro ODBC Driver
MSVFP 9.0Microsoft Visual Fox Pro 9.0 OLE Driver
MS Access/Excel ODBCNotes
MS Access/ExcelMS Access and Excel ODBC driver (32-bit)
MS Access/Excel (64-bit)MS Access and Excel ODBC driver (64-bit)
Advantage ODBCNotes
Advantage 7.0Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 7.0)
Advantage 7.1Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 7.1)
Advantage 8.0Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 8.0)
Advantage 8.1Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 8.1)
Advantage 9.0Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 9.0)
Advantage 9.1Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 9.1)
Advantage 10.0Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 10.0)
Advantage 10.1Advantage ODBC Driver (v. 10.1)
I-File TPS ODBCNotes
iFile TPS ODBCSerial Number required for installation Ψ
Postgres ODBCNotes
Postgres ODBCThis website has many versions of the Postgress ODBC driver. Choose wisely.
Firebird/InterBase ODBCNotes
Firebird 2.0Firebird ODBC driver
ISAM DBDriver for ISAMDB ODBC connections.
Interbase ODBCNotes
Interbase ODBCDriver for Interbase ODBC connections.